How Jeremy Goldstein is Changing Employment Incentive Programs

Employment incentive programs are a key to create a sustainable economic environment. NYC lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein knows this all too well. There are numerous factors that play into these programs, and it isn’t always easy to settle the matter between the employer and their employees. Incentive programs may easily initiate a war unless there is some way to settle the matter reasonably. Jeremy Goldstein has been called upon by some rather large companies to help settle the matter on EPS and other incentive programs.


EPS programs can be a very positive thing. These programs hold a lot of weight when it comes to stock prices. This is one of the best motivators for a business to pay their employees well, and to give them incentives that count. The performance of EPS can determine the actions of the investors, but companies can also be encouraged to put more into their EPS program for the employees.


There are still those who oppose the use of EPS programs. This is because there are some executives that believe they cause favoritism to develop among the employees and executives. There are specific factors that determine the price of shares, and if those prices are not where they should be. There is some belief that executives and CEO’s could potentially fudge the numbers to boost the price of shares. This is ultimately misleading but it is also illegal.


This is why companies hire a lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein to aid in working out the details between the employer and the employee. Those who are interested in long-term profitability and more productivity out of their employees should focus on finding the best solution for everyone in the company. As partner in a boutique law firm, Jeremy Goldstein is focused on advising compensation committees, management teams and corporations in executive compensation, as well as CEO’s, and any transformative issues that might arise in the context of corporate events.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in some of the largest and most critical benefits transactions in the past decade. Prior to striking out on his own, Jeremy Goldstein was part of a large law firm, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.


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