Richard Mishaan Design Featured in Architectural Digest

Interior designer Richard Mishaan fills his home in New York on Fifth Avenue with a delightful array of furnishings and art, according to the magazine Architectural Digest.

They showcased Richard Mishaan Design late last year. Of course, everyone wants to see how a famous interior designer practices their art in their own living quarters.

Richard Mishaan Design is unusual in that he creates his effects by combining disparate elements instead of maintaining a simplistic consistency. He takes items that others may believe don’t go together, then juxtapositions them to portray the greater harmony created by both. He has done this with his own home, with a retreat in Cartagena Columbia, a place on Long Island and an apartment in Manhattan New York.

He and his wife the artist Marcia Rolfe Mishaan have lived there 18 years. They raised their son and daughter who are now both in college. Despite this apartment being his family space, Richard Mishaan Design has also managed to make it a showpiece for his artistic interior design talents.

They have luxury furniture and works of art worthy of belonging in a museum by the likes of Manolo Valdes, Federico Andreotti and Donald Baechler. They display a piece of stainless steel by the artist Zhan Wang near a carved wood console.

He emphasizes that he believes in individuation. He is creating a context for the lives of his clients, not imposing himself on them.

Richard Mishaan is from Columbia, and has been an interior designer for 20 years. Most of the residences and businesses that hire him are also in New York City. He redesigned the suites at the St. Regis Hotel in 2010. While he serves wealthy customers, he serves his art first. According to him, it’s about the eye, not how much money it costs. He doesn’t approve of customers who will walk away from a design that isn’t expensive enough.

He displays his designs in several books, including “Artfully Modern.” Richard Mishaan Design has created a limestone stair hall that created a basketweave pattern. However, in his store in Greenwich Village he also sells some items for under $100.