Ronald Fowlkes Brings Attention to Issues with Law Enforcement

For years, law enforcement professionals did not get the help they deserved. They didn’t know they would be able to make things better for themselves and that made it harder on them when they were working to provide opportunities for themselves. Their agencies sometimes struggled to make sure they were getting things done and that made it even harder on people who were in the business. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was part of what he could do to help people and it made things better on him. He wanted to give everyone a chance to make things easier and wanted them to realize they had the support they needed even if they didn’t have the right type of tools from their agency. For Ronald Fowlkes, helping was the most important thing he could do to give back to the law enforcement community he had been a part of for so long.


The way Ronald Fowlkes handled situations was to make sure he was giving people what they were looking for. He always wanted them to realize there were more opportunities and there were things they could do to make these opportunities better. It was what gave Ronald Fowlkes the motivation to keep helping people and keep offering them the things they needed. As long as Ronald Fowlkes was doing business, he felt it was his job to show the community what they could get and how things would be better for them on their own.


When Ronald Fowlkes was working in law enforcement, he knew he could do different things but he also knew there were issues that were happening in the community around him. He wanted to fix them, but he didn’t know how to as an officer. He made a plan to work to help people as much as he could later on. It was what he wanted to do to give back to the community and give everyone the help they were looking for. Even if Ronald Fowlkes couldn’t do his best to help the community, he felt it would be beneficial to give them everything they needed no matter what issues they were facing.


As Ronald Fowlkes learned more about the industry and more about how he could be a big help to the industry, he began to see changes in it. He offered tools through Eagle Products and that’s what allowed him the chance to make a big difference for the people he worked with. In addition, Ronald Fowlkes wanted to show others what they could do and how things would get better if they had these tools. It was what gave him the motivation to keep working toward better opportunities and a brighter future for himself.


Talos Energy Completes Acquisition of Energy Resources Technology

Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas private organization that majors with the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas properties focused on the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy is focused on investment funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings LLC, LLC (NYSE: APO), Apollo Global Management, and Talos Management.

Tim Duncan and his partners at a private oil and gas firm were forced by tanking commodity prices to send money back to the bank. The Phoenix Exploration sold the organization to the Apache Corp by 2011. That was after doubling the size of the firm. From former bankers, assets from the Gulf of Mexico and a team of more than 60 professionals, Duncan, and his partners founded the Talos Energy with $600. Along with the field Operators, the Gulf Coast brings the headcount of the company to be 120 employees. That is up from 15 last year after they struck a deal with private equity giants Apollo Management and Riverstone Holdings. Helix Energy Solution Group is an international offshore energy organization based in Houston Texas. The firm focuses on providing a solution in development and other services to the energy market not forgetting its oil and gas business units.

About Apollo Global Management

Apollo is a front line global investment manager with offices located in Los Angeles. It also has offices in London, New York, Mumbai, Singapore, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Houston, and Hong Kong. As of September 2012, Apollo had under management assets of approximately $110 billion in private equity, credit, and real estate funds.

About Riverstone Holdings LLC

Riverstone Holdings is a private organization majoring in power and energy. It was founded in 2000. The firm started with over $24 billion capital raised across seven investment funds and co-investments. The organization conducts buyout and growth capital investments, oilfield services, exploration and production, power and renewable sector of the energy industry. It has offices in New York, Houston and London, which has aided the firm to commit approximately

Talk Fusion as the Ideal Move in Video Marketing

Communication is an essential factor in any given environment. It is as such important to adopt easier and much convenient methods of relaying information to one another. Talk Fusion comes is as an ideal communication channel for individuals to stay in touch personally. It covers communication through online meetings to email marketing. Talk Fusion offers video marketing solutions which encourages customers to add videos to their emails, webinars, newsletters, blogs and online chats at a more affordable price yet easily and more quickly than before. This is due to the fact that videos attract customers more compared to ordinary text communications as explained in

Talk Fusion was founded by its CEO Bob Reina in the year 2007 with the vision of fostering stronger commitments into giving back to the community, families and friends across the world. The company is proud to be offering all-in-one Video Marketing Solutions to their esteemed customers. It essentially helps businesses to increase their sales, stand out from the diverse competitions, increase profits as well as keep their customers coming back for more. Talk Fusion has charged itself in offering dynamic ways in which it adopts so as to make marketing more memorable, engaging and persuasive through the use of videos.

The company’s innovative products get to be marketed person-to-person by the Independent Associates located in more than 140 countries where the company has been established. By offering a 30-day trial to any individual interested in their services, Talk Fusion has gained more customers through time. Ideally the form of services being offered by the company has made marketing much easier compared to previous methods. This has allowed businesses to compete much more efficiently through the adoption of these marketing strategies. Talk Fusion took the honors of winning the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award, which was offered by the Technology Marketing Corporation. This came up as a second award in the same year showing how the company has been offering better services compared to other competitors in the same line. Learn more: