Sahm Adrangi: Researcher and Short Seller

Kerrisdale Capital Management was established in 2009 by Sahm Adrangi. When building the firm, Adrangi took a proactive position throughout each area of Kerrisdale’s development. Despite the fact that more than $150 million dollars is presently under Kerrisdale’s management, the firm looked after under $1 million at the time Adrangi initially founded it.

While Sahm Adrangi’s short selling results can be remarkably outstanding, he is probably better known because of distributing evaluations with regard to businesses that he believes the market these days holds misguided beliefs around. Two varieties of stocks which he regularly releases Kerrisdale’s opinions on are under-followed longs coupled with shorts he thinks to actually be over-hyped.

The Securities and Exchange Commission actually started to take enforcement measures to combat a few of the businesses which Sahm Adrangi revealed for being deceptive, for example ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Aliiance. He earned a ton of curiosity soon after shorting and then publicly exposing some of these kinds of devious Chinese companies around 2010 and 2011.

Tons of different companies and business sectors were the target of Adrangi’s market research, but Sahm Adrangi’s attention has, recently, been on the subject of a number of market sectors that Kerrisdale seems to have insight on. The biotechnology industry is without question one of those, and the firm has distributed knowledge on Bavarian Nordic, Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, Unilife as well as even more. His analysis is frequently targeted on the expansion times of such companies and also their upcoming potential.

Deutsche Bank was in fact the institution wherein Sahm Adrangi commenced his successful career in the arena of investment. Here, he handled loan debt financing, both high-yield and also leveraged. He then worked for countless years with Longacre Management, a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund.

Adrangi was awarded his Bachelor of Arts in Economics after graduating from Yale University. With the help of this consideration he has attained, both through his stock trading success and due to the firm’s publicatinos, quite a few investing seminars presented him the privilege to convey his skills by means of speaking to other men and women.

How Jeremy Goldstein is Changing Employment Incentive Programs

Employment incentive programs are a key to create a sustainable economic environment. NYC lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein knows this all too well. There are numerous factors that play into these programs, and it isn’t always easy to settle the matter between the employer and their employees. Incentive programs may easily initiate a war unless there is some way to settle the matter reasonably. Jeremy Goldstein has been called upon by some rather large companies to help settle the matter on EPS and other incentive programs.


EPS programs can be a very positive thing. These programs hold a lot of weight when it comes to stock prices. This is one of the best motivators for a business to pay their employees well, and to give them incentives that count. The performance of EPS can determine the actions of the investors, but companies can also be encouraged to put more into their EPS program for the employees.


There are still those who oppose the use of EPS programs. This is because there are some executives that believe they cause favoritism to develop among the employees and executives. There are specific factors that determine the price of shares, and if those prices are not where they should be. There is some belief that executives and CEO’s could potentially fudge the numbers to boost the price of shares. This is ultimately misleading but it is also illegal.


This is why companies hire a lawyer like Jeremy Goldstein to aid in working out the details between the employer and the employee. Those who are interested in long-term profitability and more productivity out of their employees should focus on finding the best solution for everyone in the company. As partner in a boutique law firm, Jeremy Goldstein is focused on advising compensation committees, management teams and corporations in executive compensation, as well as CEO’s, and any transformative issues that might arise in the context of corporate events.


Jeremy Goldstein has been involved in some of the largest and most critical benefits transactions in the past decade. Prior to striking out on his own, Jeremy Goldstein was part of a large law firm, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.


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Adan Milstein, a professional real estate investor and self-described philanthropist, has dedicated much of his life to cultivating positivity within the Jewish community. Milstein’s years of service and hard work within the Israeli-American community has resulted in him becoming a notable community leader and role model for younger Jewish people. Milstein’s dedication to his people has been a lifelong passion and is a venture that currently has no end in sight. Milstein has dedicated himself to cultivating positive, lasting relationships between young Israeli Americans and the youth of other cultures. In doing this, Adam Milstein hopes he create a brighter tomorrow for the American people.

Adam Milstein’s storied history of humanitarian work begins in his youth. After an extensive service in the Israeli armed forces, where he proudly served in the Yom Kippur War, Milstein came to America in 1981. Shortly after, he was awarded an MBA in real estate investment from USC. Milstein used his education to find lasting success as an investor. Within the real estate world, Adam Milstein stood out as the cream of the crop, even when compared to his most exalted contemporaries. After many years of investment work, Adam Milstein used his wealth and clout to pursue his true passion: Humanitarian work.

Milstein describes himself as a philanthropist before anything else. Before he is Israeli-American, he as a philanthropist. Before he is a prominent, successful real estate investor, he is a philanthropist. The only title that takes precedence for Milstein is his status as a loving father. Milstein’s passion for humanitarian work has had an enormous impact on the lives of hundreds of people. By working with a wide assortment of Israeli-American humanitarian groups, including Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, and Taglit Birthright Israel, Milstein hopes to create a lasting impact on the Jewish communities across the nation. Nearly all of the groups Milstein works with having the Jewish community in mind. Milstein hopes that by educating young people, both Jewish and otherwise, and the history and struggles of his people, that he can cultivate a more empathetic and loving next generation. In conclusion, Adam Milstein’s career is one characterized by positivity and success.

Betsy DeVos Never Settles

Who says that people who have solicitude for others are extinct in this world? People who know Betsy DeVos certainly aren’t contributing to that belief pattern. Mrs. DeVos is a lot more than a member of President Donald Trump’s team. She’s a well-rounded individual in her own right. She’s been doing things her own way for many years, too. She’s now the United States Secretary of Education. She’s been diligently working on her political beliefs for ages now as well. Her political beliefs have been a big part of her identity since was a youthful college student. She went to Calvin College for her education. She has a bachelor of arts degree from the Grand Rapids, Michigan liberal arts institution.


There are many political activists out there who simply back single causes. DeVos definitely isn’t part of that category. There are so many subjects out there that make DeVos tick. There are many topics that make DeVos think in considerable detail as well. She’s been interested in educational reform for decades. Education has always been among her biggest priorities. DeVos is a mother who understands just how critical strong educations are for any and all kids. She used to feel bad any time she thought about fellow parents who weren’t able to provide their children with the strong educations they needed and deserved. She was well aware of the fact that she and her husband Dick had the wherewithal necessary to allow their children to attend the finest schools available. She was also keenly aware of the fact that most other parents in the United States honestly didn’t have that level of luxury. This didn’t make her feel happy at all. She found it unsettling and because of that has been a painstaking proponent of educational choice for a long time. She used to visit nearby schools and watch all of the students in action. Her husband accompanied her on these visits, too. The couple would often speak with parents who had similar aims and wishes for their children. They felt awful that these parents didn’t have the funds necessary to handpick their kids’ schools. DeVos doesn’t want any child in the United States to have to be restricted by his or her neighborhood, town or city. She wants to give all parents the opening to be able to discuss education with confidence.


DeVos is a respectable humanitarian. Dick is reminiscent of Betty in many ways. He is just like in that he always communicates his beliefs and wishes. He’s exactly like her in that his focus is unsurpassed. Once he sets out to do something, there’s no stopping him. The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation showcases the pair’s belief system. It confirms to the United States and to the world that these people are 100 percent serious. Dick and Betsy organized this foundation in the late eighties. This is a group that emphasizes solid leadership and its effects. It’s one that stresses boosting beneficial changes that encompass many sectors, too. Learn more:

Ronald Fowlkes Brings Attention to Issues with Law Enforcement

For years, law enforcement professionals did not get the help they deserved. They didn’t know they would be able to make things better for themselves and that made it harder on them when they were working to provide opportunities for themselves. Their agencies sometimes struggled to make sure they were getting things done and that made it even harder on people who were in the business. For Ronald Fowlkes, this was part of what he could do to help people and it made things better on him. He wanted to give everyone a chance to make things easier and wanted them to realize they had the support they needed even if they didn’t have the right type of tools from their agency. For Ronald Fowlkes, helping was the most important thing he could do to give back to the law enforcement community he had been a part of for so long.


The way Ronald Fowlkes handled situations was to make sure he was giving people what they were looking for. He always wanted them to realize there were more opportunities and there were things they could do to make these opportunities better. It was what gave Ronald Fowlkes the motivation to keep helping people and keep offering them the things they needed. As long as Ronald Fowlkes was doing business, he felt it was his job to show the community what they could get and how things would be better for them on their own.


When Ronald Fowlkes was working in law enforcement, he knew he could do different things but he also knew there were issues that were happening in the community around him. He wanted to fix them, but he didn’t know how to as an officer. He made a plan to work to help people as much as he could later on. It was what he wanted to do to give back to the community and give everyone the help they were looking for. Even if Ronald Fowlkes couldn’t do his best to help the community, he felt it would be beneficial to give them everything they needed no matter what issues they were facing.


As Ronald Fowlkes learned more about the industry and more about how he could be a big help to the industry, he began to see changes in it. He offered tools through Eagle Products and that’s what allowed him the chance to make a big difference for the people he worked with. In addition, Ronald Fowlkes wanted to show others what they could do and how things would get better if they had these tools. It was what gave him the motivation to keep working toward better opportunities and a brighter future for himself.


Daniel Taub – article recap

Daniel Taub has built a remarkable career and reputation over the past four years as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the United Kingdom. While no could have accurately predicted the trajectory of Mr. Taub’s career as a diplomat, upon meeting the Queen for the first time, he made a strong statement. It was the fact that, while presenting the Queen with his credentials for the first time, he also donned his kippah. This signified the notion, that while Mr. Taub would essentially be representing two nations, his status as a practicing Orthodox Jew remained unquestioned. This meeting would also be an accurate representation of things to come, as Mr. Taub would go on to be known for his prim appearance, as well as his unmatched level of wit.

Daniel Taub was born in the United Kingdom in 1962, and although his citizenship would have to be relinquished upon his acceptance of the role of diplomat to the two entities, he felt absolutely privileged to have the opportunity to enact such change. Mr. Taub stated that he was fully aware of the opportunities that relocating to Britain afforded him and his fellow Israelites, and he felt that it was his duty to bring the two countries closer together. Many would say that Mr. Taub’s journey to break new ground between the two countries has been a resounding success, and as he prepares for his exit, there is expected to be a void that cannot easily be filled. Speaking of his successes, Mr. Taub discussed the fact that his mission was fulfilled, as today, the countries are closer than what, even he, could have initially imagined.

During his time as Ambassador, Daniel Taub has garnered a reputation that would rival that of Shlomo Argov, who was shot to death in 1982 in London. With the current state of Middle Eastern affairs, as well as the United Kindom’s status as one of the true financial juggernauts of the world, Mr. Taub believes that the strides that have been made during his tenure, are of particular importance, affecting Britain, Israel, and the rest of the world. According to Mr. Taub, one of the key factors to his ability to play such an integral role in the relationship between two countries that have traditionally had difficulties, is the fact that he is able to separate his personal feelings from those of the governments that he represents.


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Bradesco’s Internal Hunt For A New CEO Will Open The Door For New Opportunities According To Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Looking for a new chief executive officer can be difficult, especially for an international company. Finding the right person who can blend in with the established corporate structure isn’t easy. That’s why Banco Bradesco, the number two private bank in Brazil, is looking inside the bank for a replacement for 67-year-old Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Bradesco’s age limit is 67, so Trabuco has to move on. But he’s not leaving the bank that gave him a trainee position in 1969. Trabuco is moving into the Chairman of the Board’s office.

The oldest chairman in Brazil’s banking industry, Lázaro de Mello Brandão is heading into the banking sunset. Some people say it’s about time. Lázaro de Mello Brandão is 91-years-old. But he still has a sharp mind when it comes to banking. The people who know Brandão say he acts like he just turned 70. In fact, Brandão is going to keep his desk at the bank just to show people he’s still capable of making important joint decisions. But Luiz Carlos Trabuco will take over all the chairman duties as well as function as the president and CEO until a new CEO surfaces from the executive pool in March 2018.


There are seven qualifies candidates, and all of them have a good relationship with Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Each man has a list of impressive banking accomplishments, so picking one man is not that easy. Plus, filling Trabuco’s shoes as the CEO is a challenge. Trabuco is a long-time Bradesco employee. He found a home when he left the University of Sao Paulo with a degree in philosophy. Trabuco and his executive team didn’t let the bank go into a tailspin when the country took a nose dive and sank into the worst recession in more than 90 years. That’s why he is relying on the executive team to take over and continue the bank’s financial success.

The seven candidates are tech executive, Mauricio Machado de Minas. Chief risk manager, Alexandre da Silva Glüher and Octavio de Lazari, the current president of the bank’s insurance division, Seguros. Human Resource executive Andre Cano, and operations chief, Josué Augusto Pancini are on the list. And so is investment executive, Marcelo Noronha. Chief loan officer, Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is a solid candidate as well. All these men have what it takes to be Bradesco’s next president and CEO, but some Bradesco employees say Octavio de Lazari will follow the same path as Trabuco. Mr. Trabuco was the president of Seguros from 2003 to 2009. At the end of 2009, Luiz got the president’s job, and the word is, the same thing could happen to Octavio de Lazari.

Wall Street is backing Bradesco’s internal hunt for a new CEO. More investors are buying the bank’s stock now that it is trading for under $10 a share. Wall Street is pushing the stock because of Brazil’s economic recovery as well as the bank’s 2017 performance. But there are challenges ahead for Bradesco. Digital banking is on fire in Brazil according to Bradesco needs to step up their digital presence as well as find a solution for the bank branches that are no longer profitable. The 2015 acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian division was a great strategic move, but it did leave branch duplication issues on the table. And those issues can be costly, according to Wall Street financial analysts on That’s why some insiders are betting on IT maven, Mauricio Machado de Minas. Mauricio set up Bradesco’s digital banking platform, Next, with Trabuco, so he knows how to keep the bank relevant in the techno banking world.

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Betsy DeVos’ contributions towards the education sector

She was born as Elisabeth Dee DeVos on January 8, 1958, in Holland, Michigan. She spent her junior years in Holland Christian high school and later Calvin College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in business economics. The politician in her was born during her college days.


Born and raised Christian, she prides herself on her faith and faithfully attends the Christian Reformed Church which is in the United States. Betsy is one of the most popular philanthropists in the country who credit all they have to the blessings that Jesus Christ has provided in their lives.


Today the world knows her as Betsy DeVos; a businesswoman turned politician. She is the current secretary of education to the United States. As a member of the Republic party, she was part of the Republican National Committee Woman from the year 1992 to the year 1997.


She later went on to chair the Michigan Republic Party from 1996-2000 a post she was re-elected back to in 2003. The board member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education has also held the chairperson position in the Alliance for School Choice. She, Betsy DeVos, was the one heading the All Children Matter campaign. Clearly Best has never skipped an opportunity to help the less fortunate in the society. Unexpectedly, she claims that her generous attitude is inspired by her Christian faith and conviction.


The 59-year-old is married to Dick DeVos who is the former CEO of a company known as the Multi-level marketing. Mrs. DeVos is known for her excellent works and contributions towards the education sector. She said that being the daughter of a public school teacher is what led her to School Choice and sparked her interest in matters involving education.


Betsy has been on the frontline of advocating and championing for the public schools. She has spoken against poor standards in public schools and noted that it is important that all American children receive an education that is relevant to the needs of the current times. She has also, through non-profitable charitable organizations, offered financial support to establishments supporting her cause. DeVos, a former Philanthropy Roundtable chairman, used her platform to encourage people to give to areas in high need.


She has been part of more than one charity organization. Her contribution is exemplary, and her work in school choice and school sector is one that has changed a lot of lives. Her philanthropy is one that is not only limited to monetary donations but one that also aims to promote awareness of the need to advocate for school choice. Betsy is one of the richest women in America who have given back to the community by a great margin.


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Talos Energy Completes Acquisition of Energy Resources Technology

Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas private organization that majors with the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas properties focused on the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Talos Energy is focused on investment funds affiliated with Riverstone Holdings LLC, LLC (NYSE: APO), Apollo Global Management, and Talos Management.

Tim Duncan and his partners at a private oil and gas firm were forced by tanking commodity prices to send money back to the bank. The Phoenix Exploration sold the organization to the Apache Corp by 2011. That was after doubling the size of the firm. From former bankers, assets from the Gulf of Mexico and a team of more than 60 professionals, Duncan, and his partners founded the Talos Energy with $600. Along with the field Operators, the Gulf Coast brings the headcount of the company to be 120 employees. That is up from 15 last year after they struck a deal with private equity giants Apollo Management and Riverstone Holdings. Helix Energy Solution Group is an international offshore energy organization based in Houston Texas. The firm focuses on providing a solution in development and other services to the energy market not forgetting its oil and gas business units.

About Apollo Global Management

Apollo is a front line global investment manager with offices located in Los Angeles. It also has offices in London, New York, Mumbai, Singapore, Luxembourg, Frankfurt, Houston, and Hong Kong. As of September 2012, Apollo had under management assets of approximately $110 billion in private equity, credit, and real estate funds.

About Riverstone Holdings LLC

Riverstone Holdings is a private organization majoring in power and energy. It was founded in 2000. The firm started with over $24 billion capital raised across seven investment funds and co-investments. The organization conducts buyout and growth capital investments, oilfield services, exploration and production, power and renewable sector of the energy industry. It has offices in New York, Houston and London, which has aided the firm to commit approximately

Fabletics: Taking Different Approaches For Customer Convenience

When it comes to the activewear industry, Fabletics is a brand that has managed to come far ahead of its competitors. Even though the brand has been in the activewear industry for a little while, they have done wonders for the market, making themselves a well-known name. The brand was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in collaboration with Hollywood actress Kate Hudson. Being someone who is heavily invested in the fashion industry, Kate Hudson was able to bring new ideas to the brand that otherwise would not have seen the light of day. She is also someone who is extremely well versed in the fitness industry, and being a consumer of the kind of clothing that Fabeltics puts out, knows what women want. When working out, women want something that will make them feel comfortable and sexy at the same time, which is what Fabeltics tries to deliver as a brand. The brand tries its best to stay at the top of the fashion industry by constantly updating the kind of products that they put out and also the kind of marketing trends that they inspire. The brand has managed to make a name for itself for being ingenious in almost every way possible.


Fabeltics today is a multi-million dollar company that can be compared to some of the most prominent brands in the industry. One of the more striking features of the brand is the membership system that they have in place. Just like all of its sister brands, Fabletics sells its products through its websites and therefore tries to make the most out of this space. The brand has integrated some of the best online marketplace technology so that they can keep track of their customers buying patterns and also show them options that they would like. The brand has tried to make the process of purchasing from Fabeltics extremely easy and convenient so that even those with extremely busy schedules would be able to buy some of their latest designs. The brand takes care always to give their customers some of the most high-quality affordable activewear which they do not have to spend hours searching for.


Just like most brands, Fabeltics thought that it was time for them to open up stores in locations across the country. However, in true Fabletics fashion, the brand managed to go down the path less traveled and started using their stores as another means to direct traffic to their site. When customers come to any of the Fabletics stores, they are instantly given the opportunity to try on everything that they see online. This helps them get a look and feel of what they are trying out, which in turn entices customers to go back to the website and purchase it there. Fabletics has tried to make everything about online shopping convenient and has done so brilliantly through the wide range of things that they have managed to implement which is also why they have turned out to be such a massive success in the fashion industry.