Adan Milstein, a professional real estate investor and self-described philanthropist, has dedicated much of his life to cultivating positivity within the Jewish community. Milstein’s years of service and hard work within the Israeli-American community has resulted in him becoming a notable community leader and role model for younger Jewish people. Milstein’s dedication to his people has been a lifelong passion and is a venture that currently has no end in sight. Milstein has dedicated himself to cultivating positive, lasting relationships between young Israeli Americans and the youth of other cultures. In doing this, Adam Milstein hopes he create a brighter tomorrow for the American people.

Adam Milstein’s storied history of humanitarian work begins in his youth. After an extensive service in the Israeli armed forces, where he proudly served in the Yom Kippur War, Milstein came to America in 1981. Shortly after, he was awarded an MBA in real estate investment from USC. Milstein used his education to find lasting success as an investor. Within the real estate world, Adam Milstein stood out as the cream of the crop, even when compared to his most exalted contemporaries. After many years of investment work, Adam Milstein used his wealth and clout to pursue his true passion: Humanitarian work.

Milstein describes himself as a philanthropist before anything else. Before he is Israeli-American, he as a philanthropist. Before he is a prominent, successful real estate investor, he is a philanthropist. The only title that takes precedence for Milstein is his status as a loving father. Milstein’s passion for humanitarian work has had an enormous impact on the lives of hundreds of people. By working with a wide assortment of Israeli-American humanitarian groups, including Hasbara Fellowships, StandWithUs, and Taglit Birthright Israel, Milstein hopes to create a lasting impact on the Jewish communities across the nation. Nearly all of the groups Milstein works with having the Jewish community in mind. Milstein hopes that by educating young people, both Jewish and otherwise, and the history and struggles of his people, that he can cultivate a more empathetic and loving next generation. In conclusion, Adam Milstein’s career is one characterized by positivity and success.

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