Shop In Hongdae With Kim Dao And Sunnydahye

Life in Tokyo can be stressful. Just ask YouTuber Kim Dao ( The frantic pace of modern Japanese life sent Kim Dao’s stress levels soaring to new heights. To get a reprieve from all the worries of working in Japan, Kim Dao booked a trip to sensational South Korea. Viewers can follow Kim’s sojourn to Seoul in the vlog “Korea Vlog: First Day in Seoul | KimDao in KOREA.


The video starts with Kim Dao in her Tokyo apartment. She says she woke up really early to catch a plane bound for Seoul. If all goes according to plan, Kim Dao will stay in South Korea for two weeks. Learn more:


In the next shot, Kim Dao is on a plane heading to South Korea. Kim sits by a window and the seat next to her is completely empty. Although Kim Dao wants to get some work done on the flight, she says that she always gets sleepy on plane rides. Plus, since the flight is only two hours long, she can’t really get that much video editing accomplished.


A few moments later, Kim Dao arrives in South Korea and meets fellow YouTuber Sunnydahye. Sunny is extremely exited to show Kim Dao all the hot spots in Seoul.


After Kim Dao drops off her luggage at Sunny’s guesthouse, the two friends go out for a late lunch. Sunny takes Kim to one of her favorite restaurants in Hongdae.


Next, Kim Dao and Sunny hit the streets and do a bit of Seoul shopping. Anyone interested in what Kim bought must watch the mini “shopping haul” at the end of the video. Learn more:


The Best Of OSI Group

When it comes to food preparation, it remains a top concern in several countries. Due to recent outbreaks such as Ebola, developed nations remain taking preventative measures to halt the spread of these diseases. Moreover, several corporations have also taken initiative. To expound further, these corporations have fortified an already existing mandate regarding what the U.S. public can and cannot consume.

As a result, citizens of countries such as America will never have to endure the lasting effects of several food-borne illnesses. To begin, OSI Industries solidified its place as a premier company in food preparation. Since the early 1900s, the company has reigned supreme in the food and retail industry. In the early 1900s, Otto Kolschowsky founded the company. Initially, the company began as a family meat market.

Moreover, it remained based and Chicago, Illinois. By 1928, the company reached a milestone. To expound further, the company expanded into the wholesale meat market. Year after year, the company continued to assert its dominance over its competitors. In fact, the company captured the attention of McDonald’s. During this time, McDonald’s relied heavily on hundreds of meat suppliers. Furthermore, the company formed a partnership with McDonald’s. As a result, OSI Industries became the company’s premiere meat supplier. Moreover, the company became officially recognized as OSI Industries in 1975. In the following years, the company continued to amass an insurmountable amount of wealth. Furthermore, the company became a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. Recently, the company made headlines when it purchased a Tyson food plant in Chicago.

This remains attributed to Chicago’s ailing economy and the imminent closure of the food plant. As a result, the company purchased the plant for $7.4 million. Furthermore, the company also purchased Baho Food. Due to this acquisition, the company increased its market share in Europe. With such an impressive resume it remains easy to see why OSI Industries continues to enjoy its success. Aside from McDonald’s, the company has worked with other corporations such as KFC. This remains attributed to the company prioritizing the success of its clients. In closing, the company remains a prominent and the food industry.